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Now any Nepali public or private entity can sell electricity to India.Made General Smuts to abolish poll tax, legally recognize Indian marriage, and give lengthier permits.Shakti mills criminals were emboldened since police did not catch them in previous call-center case.Tipu Sultan destroyed it (1790) Items found: Chera coins, pottery, Frankincense (Aromatic gum), gold filament and semiprecious stones.So if there 1993 are no dry laterines, then there is no need for manual scavengers) 1997 Above act finally implemented. (But only in a few states).Intermarriages are becoming common and society is bound to resist any such change.Can we not make it a part of our national character building.In previous cases, Court already permitted CAG to audit electricity distribution companies (Kejri) and GMR airport development.

Discuss the problem areas in the design and implementation of Skill development schemes in India.Excessive growth of this plant prevents sunlight from reaching water.To make public sector banks competitive and profitable, there is a need to revamp its board governance.Why has France decided not to participate in its remembrance event.UPSC had been asking this type of questions in last CDS and CSAT.Egyptian army wiped out their supporters (Muslim brotherhood) and supply tunnels to Gaza.

Transportation services. 3. engineering 3. engineering services.Human Development report (UNDP) This report provides sufficient keypoints to assemble answers for many generic questions about poverty and Development.Then Judge will decide which questions are relevant to the case, and permit defense lawyer to ask them to victim.

Originated from India, Then Spread to South Asian countries Jackfruit is a member of mulberry family.Therefore Government needs to control all or some industrial sectors.Color coding will help coastal police, coast guard and Navy in identifying root and origin of and boat.Afghani get Russian weapons on Indian money What is NEW Cold War.To file nomination, the candidate has to fillup his income, assets, criminal cases etc. as per the format given in this form. D. EC will show polling station wise result according to this form. Q6. Following are imaginary headlines in a newspaper.Will also take Help from ASHA workers, Indian academy of pediatricians, NGOs and philanthropists like Bill Gates. (GS2) Mock Question: Discuss the salient features of Newborn Action Plan. 100 words.Inspirational lives of great personalities can shape our character.Neither A nor B because there is no legal framework in India to deal with Bitcoin, yet. Q12. Consider following statements about Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC) Its Chairman is Finance minister and Vice chairman is RBI governor.

UIDAI has been developed for civilian use and not for forensic purpose.Sell such land Setup a parliamentary committee to monitor Prasar Bharati (means, all parties can have a say into Prasar Bharati affairs.).Conclusion: SC judgment will reduce govt. interference in CBI investigation.Meaning, if SBI bank staff sells 100 crore worth policies, then only 25 cr.

Foreigners are completely prohibited from using p-notes to invest in India. 2. Only NRIs can use P-notes to invest in India. 3. IF a person wants to invest via P-notes, he needs to get a PAN card first.The incorrect statements are only 1 and 2 only 2 and 3 only 1 and 3 none of them.Alternative fuels- for reducing petrol and diesel consumption.There are many similar cases pending because central govt. had not granted sanction.Assume Kishor Biyani wants to sell Pantaloon company to Kumar Mangalam Birla at profit of 1000 crore and has to pay 100 crore CGT to income tax department.No. of children covered under these schemes are less than the no. of children under Midday meal enrollment.Ask any great person in the world about the success in the life he or she will definitely tell two things.River Rhine in Europe flows through six countries and yet cleaned.List the guidelines set by Supreme court (SC) and Government of India(GoI) for organizing of this festival. (200 words) Meaning.

Outer space exploration via Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF) ICT initiatives, internet security.With rise of lion population in Gir, man-animal conflict are increasing, there is need to shift some of the population elsewhere.Its sending men and trial-vaccines.) 3. Has Setup Isolation facilities at airports.From the 80s, Chinese started a process of economic liberalization under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping.They had good relations with Pala (Bengal) and Chola (Tamilnadu).Hot Money: can leave Indian market very soon based on just one phone call from Tom Cruz to HSBC.Since USA and NATO are withdrawing, India needed to step in and fulfill its pledge under SPA.Because we (Indians) required to do their work (of spying on American tax evaders in India) without getting anything in return.

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In last 20 years we saw 16 CJI out of them only 4 had tenure more than 2 years.Abundance of Coal and iron- the crucial raw materials for industrialization.D3: Border security Management: Gujarat Topic in news Sep-2014: Following reforms taken: (aka fodder for GS3) 1.Difficult to engrave certificates on some delicate gadgets such camera, tablets and mobiles.MoEF has delegated powers to the Regional Empowered Committees (REC).Organisers have to deposit Rs.5 lakh and Rs.2 lakh for each death and serious injury case respectively.Quote from: plataoplomo94 on December 28, 2017, 03:28:10 AM Guys just HODL it, no matter what happens to the price, if it increases or falls, just HODL and wait for the first of January.

Service controlled by Personnel minstry) DG of All India Radio (Indian information and broadcasting service.Companies will need to spend additional money on staff and record keeping.Simply ride through it and toll money will be deducted from your pre-paid account.Both A and B Neither A nor B. Q7. Find correct statement: Insurance density is defined as the ratio of number of insurance policy holders per 1000 persons Insurance density is defined as the ratio of number of insurance policy holders per square km of habitable area of a country.Challenge: Under the Railway Act, only the Railway Board can decide prices.They gave boost to cotton, opium, indigo and other cash crops.No country, big or small, in the north or the south, east or west, is free from its threat.