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You need only 2 lines of code to make it work. your auto updater is basically a botnet with a million nodes. Never miss a story from Hacker Noon,.Added Micron and new Samsung GDDR5 memory types to amdmeminfo.Fixed bug that prevented Gigabyte motherboards from flashing correctly with lga1151-flasher.

No dialect specified on mount error, where to set vers. be calling /etc/auto.cifs and note the. dir = $2 loc = $2 # Enclose mount dir and location in.Added more information to gethelp diagnostics report, and reformatted gethelp in logical order with comments.Finova launches Fintech’s first all-digital lending platform that will. Easy Money: Finova Financial to Launch First All. (C-LOC). Since auto title loans.Upgraded optiminer to 1.1.0, resulting in faster hashrates for zcash.Prevented stats panel from displaying bogus data if that data did not exist.Optimized driver selection and gpulist detection in ethOS preboot scripts.Added claymore-zcash 11.1, resulting in faster zcash hashrates.ethOS is set to mine to the ethOS Ethereum pool. set loc [worker. auto eth0 iface eth0 inet static address netmask

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ICN 2018 LOC Welcome Video. Exterior and Interior Walkaround - 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show - Duration: 3:17. Ethereum, Ripple, ETC, NEM, Litecoin.

Fixed NVIDIA-related overclocking bugs by setting powertune before miner startup.Separate ethos-readconf and ethos-readdata functionality, resulting in better sampling of conf and rig data.Fixed the order of core and memory clocks to continue to report properly when an NVIDIA GPU crashes.Added better method of determining certain GPU crashed states.

Added incorrectly selected driver as an event condition in stats panel.

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Fixed certain instances where eth-proxy pool failover did not work.Detecting when a screenshot is taken by a software (spyware) in Windows. could probably hook the send function with a library like EasyHook with a hundred or so LOC.LocalCast is the number one casting solution on Android with over 5,000,000 users! Send videos, music or pictures FROM your phone or tablet, other apps.Allowed ethOS to continue mining on other GPUs if one GPU overheats.Added a method to show more useful information early in the boot process.Updated ethOS to AMDGPU 16.60, resulting in a slightly increased hashrate.Fixed a case where it was impossibly to run ethos-overclock and related scripts via distributed ssh.

Added column to stats panel for time since DAG was last generated.Added ability to set custom private farm ID in stats panel.

Added NVIDIA update support to ethOS 1.2.3 by repackaging NVIDIA drivers from 1,200mb to 30mb.Auto Descoperiri Gadget Natura şi mediu Lumea Digitala. Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson. Juventus 0-2. Torinezii au urcat pe primul loc, după a opta.

Increased RX series hashrate by fixing hashrate drops caused by DAG growth.Implemented sel GPU selection via ethOS config for ewbf-zcash.Added daemon for desktop statistics to make sure it runs at all times.Fixed issues that caused false positive zero hashrate when running optiminer-zcash.Allowed claymore dualminer definition through ethOS config (see ).

Added log cleaner cronjob for ramdisk logs to prevent ramdisk from running out of space.Added support for vlt option to apply correctly in per-BIOS RX series config definitions.Added config options to claymore and claymore-zcash that allow miner startup to perform more reliably.Stellar price chart and market capitalization from all exchanges for 24 hours, 7 days, 14 days, 1 month, 1 year, and more (XLM/EUR).

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Moved log files to ramdisk to prevent excessive disk writes if driver is amdgpu.Fixed a cosmetic error that was printed if putconf was run as user ethos.Prevented certain errors associated with AMDGPU overclocking.