Where are moneros mined from

If you read this forum for last 3 years people are are saying that and posting.BathrobeBillionaire: veshalmmane, most DOS attacks have been mitigated.like 99%.Mostly I was just trying to point out that when it comes to talking down Monero, most people are quite lacking.Zebra: stotoyan, they would not. they do not like to share and they are to narrow minded.Sout: What happens when all btc have been mined? Sout: What happens when all btc have been mined? SatoshiNakamotorola: Sout, mines transaction fees.Petertoddsghost: fallenzz, there is a new strategy of having the nodes force it.Instead, they see the solution as always had they just a tiny bit more power they would eliminate recession.

Thaten those people take profit and dump to another coin like ETH.Enforcer: cant figure what maid whale is up to, is he selling off and keeping price or trying to break downtrend and go higher. crazy bot.TheChandler: terrybeth, Just watching to see if 26 area will hold.It takes ETH to run them and then they supply will start being used.Mirai: thehihoguy, Please file a support ticket at Include the transaction id, payment id, amount sent, and from where it was sent.Zebra: hurricane21, here are no news other then charts, news are outside.Xoblort: Alfie, you can open a ticket for that at and they will assist you.Enforcer: SouthEth, i meant operators, one who controls 30% added dash other corporation that controls 70 % will not. talking about individual atms is just ridiculous.The people at ripple should be scared though, not the ETH peeps.

NooberDog: RIP to those who bought at 280. bagholders being made by the second:P.Mirai: Nrg1980, Lets not post ticker spam, please. Thank you.He was able to identify this flaw years before this report was published which leads me to believe he probably had a hand in the creation of the Cryptonote protocol.

SideShowBob: terrybeth, for some odd reason women find me attractive.maybe its my nose hairs.I have no issues, if the law enforcement agencies trace pedophiles through Monero.A Monero mining malware has infected over 500,000 computers using an NSA exploit that has mined over 2 million. is_now_open_finally_moneros_own.Mirai: myclearlife, it has to be reviewed by support, thank you for your patience.Banhammer: BTCpoint, Vauplus, and bitcoingainer banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by biodork.Mirai: gratistrik02, Lets not post ticker spam, please. Thank you.Agent86: cryptowizz, Santander already said they will issue fiat tokens on the public ETH chain.Mirai: PRO TIP: Make sure your password is VERY strong and UNIQUE for your email address and the sites login.NooberDog: lol whale wasting all his btc trying to pump dash xD.

You had better be taking profits on this current bubble (although it might still run up for more weeks or months).SoundWave: Someone put a whole lot of dash on the sell books lol.Agent86: This next month will go down as one of the most epic of 2017 if not of crypto history, mark my words.SideShowBob: 50ShadesOfDamon, i figure if it pays for my ebay addiction its all good.Xoblort: RickRoller, support is aware of that, Appreciate the patience.Thus as BTC peaks then declines in price and then BCH rebounds in price, it will be much more profitable to mine BCH than BTC-SegWit.CryptoPotato: SideShowBob, even better.all you have to worry about is you and the wife.

I know how to use a flog, cuffs, and other things on my subs - thats all.RickRoller: Roger Ver renounced his U.S. citizenship after spending 9 months in jail.BathrobeBillionaire: says it will be customer experience that keeps them afloat with their banking clients.Shareholder: biodork, where the site keeps scrolling up and down randomly without interference.SideShowBob: wbe4ever, she has a beard like the guys in Duck Dynasty.Mirai: LoPoXieN, please give it some more time, your ticket will be reviewed as soon as possible, it can take up to 24 hours for support to review it, thank you.VegiSpin: oh my god, someone boot the pump team out of the trollbox.

Raiden: amoebatron, when you count that the community is much bigger.SouthEth: Enforcer, dash just got added to another ATM cash machine last week.Nordman: onlinehandelen247, yeah have checked out such before, rather stay under the radar.I am not him, which mods can verify by my IP address and his address as he still reads on his old account.MrMint: biodork, Mirai, you guys should really urge support to fix the FCT withdraws or it will be a chaos when exodus launches.

That can tell you a lot about how successful they have been in developing privacy centered solutions.BathrobeBillionaire: Enforcer, yes. remember, transfer of money is only one thing ETH can be used for.Coinmaker: BathrobeBillionaire, why you think that. and whats your short then.Luck547: eyejay, I can enter 2 or 60. but among them. like other offers.All this appears to be a very far-fetched scenario and would very noticeable as the transaction volume spikes up.I waited 10 hours for 1 confirm. but there was 0, than use VIABTC tool and I get the fir.Bigolas: philip.wagenaar, No, exchange to bitcoin and buy whatever coin you choose.Banhammer: amrutrk1987 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by biodork.Agent86: LBCMiner, He just spoke at Enterprise ethereum Alliance conference.

Xoblort: m.meyer, yes, create a new account there with a new password please and submit the ticket.SideShowBob: wbe4ever, once i got sent to the prison hospital to the eye DR. i cant tell you how many young gansters were there with one eye saying they will never disrepect.SideShowBob: KerCHING, on ebay btc will cost your 1500.oh yeah let me buy 10 of those.Mirai: PRO TIP: When requesting help from a MOD, please click on our name so we can easily identify who needs our help.With BTC and all other coins they will always need to check million transactions if that BTC was maybe on MtGox one day or deposited by Putin to Trump.Filipos76: ETH will be big id we want or not. thats the trouth.

Pink: EffectiveAltruismIsAwesome, i didnt change any of my passwords, none of the logins i actively used use cloudfare besides coinbase and thats 2fa.Whiskeydink: ChairmanDAO, eth hasnt bin excepted much places so bitcoin has a lot more uses atm.Agent86: dor, Dont they do their weekly google hangout thing on Tuesdays.SouthEth: Enforcer, and i just watched a crypto vid that is opening another ATM international system who just added dash this week.Enforcer: SouthEth, it wont other operator that controls 70% btc atms stated they will not add it nor any other crypto.Thus, we will explore the complexity of this evolutionary process and expose trends that are in motion that dictates the future.Xoblort: Alfie, please tell your friend to submit the ticket,too.