Alloscomp neo mining calculator

TheThinker: crassoverload, when devs are selling their GNT shares - nice things are useless.FearNGreed: angelitto, even when she dropped from 5600 it stayed above 2000.BrainStormer: biodork, Watchtower, So please notify your admins to add this rule before adding a market.Xoblort: Katoomer, I always try with small amounts, read about all that in the link I gave you please.Watchtower: Bazaar, please, lets not announce our trades in the box please.Oldgamejunk: onlinehandelen247, It is used in our reputation system.FutureNet: Skrawberries, a fake wall can work in both directions, so it could be a good thing.Shinn: bigbadfrenchie, its scientific notation for 0.00000001.Banhammer: Ali.sofyansah-0e50 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Xoblort.

Xoblort: Please do not spam like that when you return, thank you diamond.NisshinMaru: Watchtower, its well thought over, i can assure you.Banhammer: bigfish banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Xoblort.

Gravychain: HooliXYZ, hard to say now. last night i was sure it wouldbe going up. definitely didnt think it was even possible a coin dumps less than its value before added.AbyNormal: lobujit, well, my vision of dash classic would be DASH launched from block 0 without instamine.Watchtower: terrybeth, So long you can prove those words are English, trollbox only accepts English, sorry.:).Banhammer: HappyCoiner banned for 3 hours and 0 minutes by biodork.DenmarkCRYPTOxx: crypto-d5b0, i only did once, and it says pending on the status on the withdraval.GameChanger: MOTB, Thank you. time to get some cheap then. could be worth a fortune in time and worth holding a bag or two.

Evandefiled: The dash (TM) corporation might have a big surprise for my loyal subjects.Watchtower: Kaitokid, Yes, technology advancement rate is high:).Shinn: BrainStormer, when a coin is already trading on a different exchange, dont expect a notice in advance.

Usually a ticket takes between 24 to 48 hours and sometimes lesser than that.Sometimes the rate stop shows in my Open order and sometimes they go right into book.BrainStormer: Look in june 2016 poloniec announced 2 days before adding ETC remember guys.

Gravychain: cryptotroll1, it better be. the theme of today so far has been, dump you gnt instantly into any buy wall.Best14you: Lostcause, I could lead to 2 Billion dollars in a short amount of time.Herbalist: lordcaptainbradley,i can its getting pretty comfortable but if you remmber 10 cents btc then i can understand that hehe:p.CryptoCrunch: Ghostbusters, i could of made 30k usd over 3 or 4 months with it.It can take up to 48 hours for response please let me know if it takes longer and.

E100: philip1237, Pump vseravno not orovdaet those who bought for 2500, and more.MasterPuppet: koinsatak, Its hard to tell when it hits bottom. could be as low as 500-1000, but i dont think it will go that low.Banhammer: Saturatedfat banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Xoblort.Leifeng: Anondran, even Naut get some green one day. a proved scam.

Gravychain: aurelien.dhooghe, golem is a token that has a sole purpose of becoming less valuable the longer it is on poloniex.Xoblort: nethack, Lets ease up a bit on the advertising please.Jammeen: Gravychain, yeah instamine is actually great because it made him rich.ZWhale: edvinshehu, I think its simpler for you to buy bitcoins.AbyNormal: Katoomer, DCR has great potential, only its not that short term potential most traders want.