Buying Ethereums anonymously

The main priority of the DECLOUDS platform is the deep integration with main precious metals: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Palladium.It is first token which allows blockchain community to vote for the best projects to be brought to life through their own ICOs.All payments on the platform are done automatically in VIU tokens and the transaction history is stored on the blockchain.LAT can also be used for task creation, meaning that anyone needed a task completed can now use LAT to pay for the labor.It is both a platform with a tangible economic model as well as a cryptocurrency.All transactions on these hubs will use our Vibe token, a cryptocurrency running on the Ethereum Blockchain.Small amount of ASIC miners will be installed.- Golden Fleece already implemented pilot mining datacentre project in Telavi.Gladius is the decentralized solution to protecting against DDoS attacks.BioCoin, a blockchain platform and BIO cryptocurrency, is a system of mutual settlements between users.

Crowdfunding campaign for online Bitcoin Casino to make changes and improvements to grow the business.Protostarr is a web-based platform and decentralized appliation (DApp) where investors (or fans) can fund YouTubers and Twitch streamers (Starrs) in return for a percentage of channel revenue via Ethereum smart contracts.On top of that, the e-Chat wallet provides the opportunity of depositing money in USD and then withdrawing them via VISA and MasterCard.This facilitates financial services for the underbanked and underserved who are deprived of basic financial services.

This will allow anyone to contribute data, train machine learning models, and be compensated for both.Unique algorithms, which create stable price per CORION token (COR) while still expanding the market cap as the currency goes through hyper- growth, generated by the demand- based coin emission (daily 0-2.5%).Blackmoon Crypto offers a vision for the standard for tokenized investment vehicles that will bridge the gap between the fiat and crypto universes.

This gives the traveler freedom whilst allowing hotels to tailor specific offers to their customers.Assets are also redeemable from the Digital Trust at any time.B2Broker is a cryptocurrency exchange-aggregator for institutional clients such as brokers, stock exchanges, and hedge funds.The experienced traders can amplify their profits based on the number of followers.Managers that have a documented successful history of generating profitable returns can sign up to be on the Quantopia Network.Healthcare entities can secure private health information, rent computing power, servers and data centers and make their unused resources available through a unique private infrastructure on the Ethereum blockchain.Cappasity is a well-trusted player in 3D digitizing and its applications for augmented and virtual reality.

The exchange is fully working with 13 cryptocurrencies and 169 trading pairs.These criteria can be as simple as timed giving to all residents of a specific locale or can be triggered by specific environmental or geopolitical events.Encrypted communication is the logical future for all traditional telecommunications.A self-regulating technology incubator for blockchain innovation.The Gimli founders have teamed up with world renowned streamers with more than a million followers and top level pro gamers, including world champions, to create a world class team of 14 people.Ananas is a non profit foundation committed to promoting peace and fighting hate through technology.Building a decentralized platform of knowledge to defuse hate and promote understanding.

Grant Hero is a decentralized non-profit organization that fosters direct personal giving.BannerCoin wull be accepted as well as other major cryptocurencies.Saske is a decentralized blockchain social networking platform.Property contents range from static 3D scenes to dynamic applications.Their mission is to serve as the standard currency for anonymous, safe transactions in all sex and dating-related purchases.With every transaction 25% of the service fee will be dedicated to buying back Zephyr Tokens over time from the market creating an upward price pressure.

Tomahawkcoin was minted with the intention to bridge virtual currency and the equity ownership in Tomahawk Exploration LLC.They strive to create Acebusters as a decentralized application (Dapp) which will offer theservice of dealing cards and settling bets.Anonymous Internet banking is the proposed use of strong financial cryptography to make electronic bank secrecy (or more precisely pseudonymous banking) possible.Monthly revenue growth from 50% to 100%, and increase in gross margin of more than 50%.Everyone can make own linguistic applications, sell them and make money.Artificial Intelligence.From the platform smart contracts can be executed in relation to the patient care continuum cycle.This mobile gaming store has a proprietary payment gateway that allows gamers to use Gamecredits to buy in-game content.Gamecredits can be acquired with credit cards and other local paymentmethods within this gateway.BitBoosts aim is to facilitate truly free trade on a global scale.There will be handling fees at an exchange, fees when users use any credit card issued by the smartbank, fees of social funding backed by a bank and so on.

SRG - a decentralized loyalty program for online applications built on blockchain technology.Vaultbank is a global investment firm, committed to sound financial investment and technological advancement.Users will be able to buy and sell DIMCOIN using fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.Empowering the underbanked with a brand new financial services ecosystem.. //">fake. is listed anonymously in the article. by buying an advertised product...Melonport is the private company building the open-source blockchain-based Melon protocol for asset management.Subject to obtaining regulatory sign-off, they will be a blockchain start-up to issue a fully-regulated crypto-security token.

SoccerChain is a game engine which aims to combine the joy of multiplayer games and the excitement of making predictions on online soccer games.Each Token will entitle its holder to a share of PAquarium annual profit distributed proportionately among all token holders.Medibond is a next generation, state-of-the-art, tokenized cryptographic platform to help bring innovation to the pharmaceutical, insurance, and healthcare sectors.This will stimulate the demand for tokens, and foster the stable growth of their value in the later.Aventus is a fair, secure, and transparent blockchain-based event ticketing solution that practically eliminates fraud and unregulated touting.By putting Etch transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, an immutable ledger of monetary flow is generated.Universal payment and credit service with support of popular cryptocurrencies.Advertising budgets are distributed amongst content creators and users.

Other than that we will implement nametoken into the marketplace.Token Holders will be eligible to draw there allocated share of annual profits.Due to the high banking rates prevailing in the country, people are moving towards digital currencies such as bitcoin, ethereum and ripple.

Brickblock is a project to build a platform to seamlessly and transparently connect cryptocurrencies with real world assets.The database will minimize listing fees and maximize listing exposure.The Signal Application project is a cryptocurrency trading tool that aims to arm the everyday trader with the same data multinational corporations routinely pay millions of dollars to attain.The service helps not only to create, test and deploy smart-contracts, but also calls the contracts on a regular basis to monitor account activity.DINO markers, the currency of the game, will help players gain access to advanced features, cool gadgetsand customizations (i.e. lures, catchers, eggs, additional space in Dino Ranch, customization of appearanceof player, time boosters for hatching eggs etc.).Once reaching maturity, the codes of Metaverse will be published on github ( ).To achieve this objective, the company will promote an ICO through of its token named Royal Kingdom coin.The Refereum (RFR) utility token is a decentralized referral marketing and cash reward platform that solves these problems.Based on blockchain to make Programmatic RTB decentralized and thus fast, secure and 100% transparent.This is the full-stake Programmatic platform among all projects targeting the advertising industry.