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You can checkout Centra ann thread and see people say about this project on news.Investing on ICO would really be great on diversifying your investment but be careful on selecting which one you would decide to put up your money because risk of losing money is always there this is why we shouldnt rush up on selecting.Once you hit the right potential project then expect for good profit later on and this is the thing on what im doing now.I am looking forward that the value of ETH will rise in the near future.BLOCKCHAIN FOR FINANCIAL INDUSTRY ICO PERIOD: 15 Feb. - 28 Feb., 2018 whitepaper.Buy 1 ETH worth of LEND, 1 ETH worth of SALT, 1 ETH worth of RCN, 1 ETH worth of KMD, 1 ETH worth of PRL.Invest in different coins, in the biggest 10 ans also HODL a few ETH, for super ETH Fans just HODL it maybe.

One of the golden rules of investment which would definitely apply to an investment of 10 ETH. is diversify.We wait until a few years until the Bitcoin price jumped dramatically and we sell our owned Bitcoin in our wallet.

It would be smart thing to do if you buy alt coins with half of your money.A Next-Generation Smart Contract and Decentralized Application Platform.Well 10 ETH will be a good amount even if those are hold for long term.Must ti buy altcoins if you have a kind of 10 Ether, but if you know how to use it for buying altccoins must better for you i know buying altcoins too risky need more thinking about you decision we know its to hard to decision must better to ask to the people knows what is the best altcoins need to buy.I will invest 5 eth in different altcoins which has low price and wait for next 5 to 6 months and rest 5 eth I will keep them safe in my wallet and will sell if it hits my target price in future and if not then nothing wrong in holding it more longer.Surely ETH will rise maybe i can make more money that way than rather investing in some altcoins.Quote from: SiiGLe on January 05, 2018, 05:20:06 PM Well personally i would definetly hold 5 of that ethereum.

Then i will hoard the other halves because etherium looks good and the value continue to increase that now it becomes secondary to bitcoin but still its up to you if you like to sell it for your own good.Hold that majority, and look at diversifying out a small percentage of that into other activities.

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I have added Hamster Coin to stratum+tcp:// -u <Hamster_WALLET_ADDRESS> -p c=HAMS { "version": 1000001.If I had 10 ether I would use them in case I had a good idea for a smart contract token.In y experience traxing still best way to make profit on tgis crypto world than keeping certain coins in a wallet and wait for few months or years.

Although in fact I did not really understand, what things make the ico project will be successful.Its volatility in market is still high and very potential as altcoin that can work well.So if i have 10 Ether, i would invest by 0.5 eth in 20 ICO and waiting prices dump.For your question, suppose I have 10ETH right now I will look for good ICO projects and invest in them or I will wait for the lowest BTC price to buy in and hold long term.If there is 10ETH I certainly would not invest in any altcoin because ETH has a strong market and they have a professional team and lots of investors so never will ETH have bad prices.And the other, maybe i will invest it, because my friends are planning to start a mining.

Maybe i should hold it or buy another altcoins and hold and wait the altcoin you buy going rise the value or maybe you try convert in btc and cashout if you have something important to buy.I think having 10 Eth is very good enough to invest, you just choose the ICO that you think is good. or you can trade to grow the value you have.Perhaps even half an ETH (5%) to be invested in an ETH-accepting ICO that you like.Quote from: AtraxPool on September 21, 2017, 12:34:37 PM I would convert them to BTC.Most of my capital has been allocated to ICO projects and I am holding a few usd.With that amount I could already make few bucks profit everyday which is not bad.Then, I will convert some of my ETHs to real money so that I can buy some things that I want.

I would invest them all on Social (SCL) token which has a hard working team of experts covering all the angles of their project and doing everything in a professional manner. anyways 10 ETH is nothing for some people, I know of a skinny little boy with millions of ETH and his name is Vitalik.Quote from: slaman29 on September 25, 2017, 08:09:52 AM One of the golden rules of investment which would definitely apply to an investment of 10 ETH. is diversify.And some of my profit from it will invest in ico like car taxi, solar dao and atlant.

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Quote from: Iminvest on October 25, 2017, 03:59:14 PM Quote from: Michaelsch on October 25, 2017, 02:56:05 PM If you still have your 10 eth.If I find, a promising ico, I would also join it with 2 eth amount.

I would split it up across a few coins, BTC and ETH mostly and I would also invest in KNC, I think it will blow up in Q1 2018.Of course, I will invest 50% of it then I will save the rest of the coin.Has great future longterm, might double its price in less than a year so.Quote from: groundcontrol67 on October 25, 2017, 02:58:40 PM I would split it up across a few coins, BTC and ETH mostly and I would also invest in KNC, I think it will blow up in Q1 2018.